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Edgeworld is a free-form cyberpunk/dystopian pbem rpg that has been running for several years now. I've had the distinct pleasure of getting to read and write alongside some very talented players/writers and am always looking for new collaborators if you know anyone with a love of sci-fi and writing who might be interested. The goal of the game is, and has always been to have fun exploring character and world development alongside others who enjoy putting as much time, thought and effort as possible into the game and their writing.

Coming off of an extended hiatus presently, I've begun compiling, proofreading and touching up the lengthy story to date; and intend to eventually link it either off of the Edgeworld site or here. The site itself is cram packed with world and game information and is virtually always being tweaked, modified or added to, in an attempt to balance and flesh out as much of the game world as possible.